Letter: GOP county convention flawed



Elections are one of the most serious responsibilities of the citizens of this nation. Election fairness has always been the goal sought, but unfortunately, standards have been conveniently overlooked or bypassed. Sadly, here in Washington state, this happened at the GOP county convention delegates’ meeting in March.

Witnessed at this meeting was double-dealing by the Rick Santorum people, with 60 delegates, and the Ron Paul people, with 62 delegates. They purposely combined their votes, therefore becoming the majority and blocking all votes for Mitt Romney, who had 115 delegates. This is despicable to those who desire honest methods of choosing delegates for the state or national conventions.

Are we going to accept this swindle and victimizing? No, we will not be apathetic to this stealth. If we let these methods prevail in state or in our national elections, how much easier for the dishonest to claim victory over and over? Stand up, Washingtonians. America, wake up. Don’t let this happen again.

Evelyn Mallet