Letter: Respect stay-at-home choices



After 22 years in the paid workforce, my husband and I decided that we would make financial sacrifices so that I could dedicate myself full-time to raising our two boys.

It is frustrating to see the dialogue continue in the vein that women who make this choice don’t “work,” as stated recently by one Democratic pundit. If that is the case, then why do nannies and day care centers garner a pretty substantial fee?

Having moved in and out of the work-force, part-time, over the past 10 years, I have cringed at the insensitive comments aimed at “stay-at-home” parents. There is substantial, intrinsic value in this choice. With it often comes a financial as well as social adjustment. I have called myself a feminist, I have marched in Washington, D.C., for equal rights and it goes without saying that I support equal pay for equal work. However, we do ourselves a grave disservice when we denigrate or minimize the value of parenting.

It is about time that we honor and support all choices as being valid. Until we do, we can’t say we are “pro” women, regardless of our political leanings.

Kathleen L. Brown