Letter: Vegas train is a bad gamble



Just when I thought Washington, D.C., couldn’t get any more absurd — here comes the Desert Express, requiring a $6 billion federal loan to build a high-speed train from Victorville, Calif., to Las Vegas. Does anyone believe Californians will drive 100 miles to a desert town to catch a high speed train to Sin City? Is there anyone who believes that the Desert Express will make enough money to stay profitable? Anyone feel this will not end in government subsidies or that the loan will be repaid?

Senators, are you paying attention? If you allow an earmark like this, then you all should write us a check to build our I-5 bridge with no strings attached. With all these Democrats in power, why can’t we get a bridge without tolls or a needless light rail?

The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 stipulates that funding for the interstate system is 90 to 95 percent federal money and that it be free of tolls. The existing bridge was not paid for by the federal government; therefore, one could argue that the government still owes us a 90 percent paid, toll-free bridge. I realize this is a stretch, but if Nevada can have its cake, then Clark County should have ours, too.

Scott Dalesandro