Letter: Bus access lessens dependency



When I am unable to drive anymore, I will have to make a decision of where to live. I’m an older senior citizen who loves her home. I love my neighborhood and want to stay here.

There is a C-Tran bus that runs through the central part of Washougal, but the closest it comes to my neighborhood is over one-half mile away along busy Evergreen Way and 32nd Street.

Within one mile of my home are three of the district schools, Washougal High School, Gause Elementary and Hathaway School. How many of these students have their mothers or someone pick them up for dental, doctor, or other appointments? If C-Tran ran a bus by these schools once an hour, think of the elimination of pollution of cars picking up their children.

This is less than a two-mile change, but would be viewed favorably by Washougal citizens and would show that C-Tran listens to us.

Many retired citizens live in these neighborhoods. A bus to carry them to appointments, grocery shopping, and just visiting friends would be the answer to so many seniors’ quandary. I know there is a paratransit bus that can be called but until one is disabled, you want the independence of catching a bus on your own schedule.

Bernice Pluchos