Weather Eye: More typical weather on way



Back-to-back 80-degree days are easy to take but hard to come by in the month of April! The good news is we did just that Sunday and Monday with highs in the lower 80s almost everywhere.

There were many record highs around the Pacific Northwest. Along with the very warm temperatures were thunderstorms that moved up from the south. Most were concentrated east of the mountains but there were special weather statements issued for the west side as well. Late Monday there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued for Eugene, Ore. There was also a chance of a stray one over Clark County.

You may have seen some of the thundery clouds during the day. Sunday evening lightning could be seen over Mount Hood. This resembles a summerlike pattern with lots of instability as the atmosphere heated up. At one time Monday, Oregon was the only state with severe thunderstorms occurring.

We went from a wet and cold first half of April to now warmer and drier than normal. However, I hate to say: It will be much cooler and wetter than the past three nice weekends in a row that we have enjoyed. Showers, breezy and highs closer to average will rule the rest of the week. Some sun breaks as well.

Can we make it four weekends in a row without the clouds and rain? Right now it wasn’t looking all that bad with maybe showers Saturday and dry Sunday. But that may change as it is still early in the week. Just keep the faith!

I saw many people around town on Monday sporting some red faces and not from embarrassment, more from excessive sun exposure over the weekend.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at