Letter: Measuring presidential success



Roz Luther wanted to know what a Republican would consider a success under the Obama administration (“Another four years, please,” April 19 letter). We are limited in our comments, but here are just a few.

  1. A respectable unemployment rate somewhere in the 6 percent range (but now somewhere below 8 percent) would be nice.
  2. Take back the first 18 months, which was a complete waste; 18 months wasted on health care that may be declared unconstitutional. Wouldn’t we be better served if all of that effort was spent on job creation? After all, the economy seems to be No. 1 on people’s minds.
  3. How about using the $800 billion stimulus package for some real shovel-ready jobs, or businesses that will hire people.

We know that asking G.E., Caterpillar or Apple to each hire 10,000 employees will not drop the unemployment rate down to 6 percent. Small businesses are the answer to new hiring, and they are the ones that are going to bring us out of this mess. Spend the money, time and effort here. If that requires less red tape, then so be it.

These are just three — I can come up with more.

Gene Liefke