Log truck driver rescues Bug teetering on bank



GRAND RONDE, Ore. (AP) — Oregon State Police say a log truck driver who came upon a Volkswagen Bug tilting precariously at the top of a 100-foot embankment above a river managed to secure the car to his truck with a cable. That allowed the car’s driver to scramble to safety.

Lt. Gregg Hastings says 62-year-old Connie Weygandt of McMinnville indicated she was looking at the scenery Friday afternoon along Oregon Highway 22 north of Grand Ronde when her car traveled off the shoulder and came to a stop at the top of an embankment above the South Yamhill River. One rear tire was completely off the ground.

After the log truck driver secured the car, Hastings says a tow truck arrived to pull the car back onto the highway. Weygandt was able to drive away.

The log truck driver’s name was not immediately available.

Grand Ronde is southwest of Portland.