Woman gets nine-month sentence for stealing Woodland bulldog

Jagger was later found dead along railroad tracks



KELSO — A Longview woman accused of stealing a bulldog and holding it for ransom has been sentenced to nine months in jail.

Ivy Rose Svaleson, 24, pleaded guilty April 12 to first-degree extortion. She admitted stealing Jagger, a 2-year-old English bulldog, from its Woodland home on Oct. 4. Svaleson then sent text messages to the animal’s owner demanding prescription drugs and cash to get Jagger back.

Jagger was tied up on railroad tracks near Talley Way, where he was found dead Oct. 24.

The dog’s owner, Jennifer Thomas, told Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputies that a pregnant Svaleson had been at her house to collect a donation of baby items the day Jagger disappeared.

Svaleson, who gave birth a few days after Jagger vanished, is not scheduled to begin her jail sentence until June 19.

Her boyfriend and accomplice, Johnny Lee Jordan, 39, of Longview, was sentenced to 41 months in prison late last month.

The court case of another alleged accomplice, Jessie James Clark, 38, of Kelso has not yet been resolved.

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