Letter: Limbaugh’s success continues



Sven Anderson’s April 20 letter “Resist the hate mongers on radio” accused Rush Limbaugh of being a “hatemonger” —even comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

As a radio talk show host, Limbaugh hasn’t any armies poised to invade his neighbors, nor any plans for America’s lawful immigrant population that involve anything worse than insisting that they prove their citizenship before they vote.

Satire, sarcasm, parody, and mocking the hypocrisy of the left may irritate its adherents, but that doesn’t amount to hatemongering.

On the contrary, Anderson’s diatribe represents an example of “projection” in which he exposes his own hatred and bigotry by attributing them to those he disagrees with.

As for advertisers deserting the Limbaugh show, it still represents the largest talk radio audience in America. Any sponsors who drop the show will be readily replaced or more likely discretely return after the hubbub over the contrived issue of free contraceptives for college coeds dies down.

Curtiss Ryan Mooney