Letter: Vancouver safer without light rail



Do not be a lemming. Just because John Laird’s July 29 column says, “Despite systemic woes, light rail ridership is increasing,” and that light rail is inevitable does not mean the wise people of Clark County need it. The headlines of future Columbian stories will be reporting crime as what’s increasing, not ridership.

The same mayor of Gresham, Ore. quoted in Laird’s column previously reported that 40 percent of robberies and drug crimes as well as 80 percent of gang-related police calls in his city took place within a quarter-mile of a light-rail station. Even the Gresham police agreed many criminals are “commuting” in from other areas. Their answer to the crime increase was to hire more police. Vancouver shouldn’t have to do this as an afterthought when it’s too late.

Light-rail projects do not pay for themselves.

Travel by car, along the MAX lines at night and see if that is what you want for our wonderful and unique area. We are interested in quality of life and the betterment of our community, not changing it to be just another Portland. Keep Vancouver safe. (Weird is for those in intolerant “tolerant” cities)

And please, never re-elect anyone.

Amy Brubaker