Letter: Self-inflating egos do the damage



John Cannon, in his July 23 letter, “Secularism is dangerous philosophy,” argues that secularists view humanity with “no more value than an insect.”

Cannon follows this by writing that “it was exactly such atheistic cultures underlying the murder of millions during World Wars I and II.” Cannon must have secularism confused with eugenics.

Only sociopaths and psychopaths would claim that the life of a human being is as equally valuable as that of an earwig. Have you ever met a person who actually believes this? If so, that person is not a secularist but a delusional intellectual obsessed with a flawed idea.

The same goes for leaders — both past and present — who use “-isms” to justify any kind of violence. I find it silly to blame a philosophy or a religion for the selfish ambitions of those blinded by their bloated egos. Secularism, Christianity, Islam, Science … these things have done nothing wrong. It is the out-of-control egos of those who claim to represent these institutions, those who claim to know what’s best for everyone — that is the problem.

Nathan Nulph