UPDATE: Alleged threat against hospital leads to arrest

Police receive tip about allegedly armed man



The Clark County Sheriff’s Office received information about 4:30 p.m. Monday that an 18-year-old man planned to go to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center armed with a handgun. He was later found and arrested, and was not armed.

The tip came from a family member of his girlfriend, authorities said. She was arrested earlier in the day on an unrelated warrant, transported to the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center and then sent to Legacy for medical evaluation.

When the girlfriend learned she was being sent to Legacy, she told a family member the boyfriend was going to “break her out.”

While the family said the man was likely armed, deputies later determined he never had a weapon.

The man called the hospital and deputies learned his location. He was contacted and detained at a 7-Eleven store on Highway 99 and Northeast 129th Street.

Since he offered false and misleading information while deputies investigated the incident, he was arrested for obstruction of justice and transported to the Clark County Jail.

After being evaluated, the girlfriend was admitted to the detention center.

Although initial reports said the hospital was on lockdown, Legacy remained open and took precautions while the sheriff’s office worked with hospital security and administrators.