Letter: It’s our right to control our arms



Our Second Amendment exists to ensure that there is never a time when our government can enslave its populace or make us live in tyranny. Our Founding Fathers fled England for this very reason and created this great country. History supports that whenever a population is defenseless, governments take advantage, greed and corruption take over.

I know people feel the need to place blame in times of grief and that makes firearms an easy scapegoat but please just reflect on what you are really giving up when you demand the public be disarmed. Further restrictions on guns might make you feel like we are doing something but it is not that easy nor will it solve the problem of a deranged or misguided individual acting in other methods.

I passionately respect Americans’ right to express their feelings against firearms. However, that freedom (First Amendment) is only guaranteed as long as it is backed up by the Second Amendment.

There was a reason they were the first two amendments.

Eric Larsen