Injured pit bull pup inspires generosity

Funds left over after amputation will aid other dogs in need

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Veterinary technicians Nicole Helfrich, left, and Rosanna Sullivan prepare London for surgery Aug. 1 at the Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver.

Follow London's journey and donate to the Team London Scholarship Fund:

Team London website

Facebook page

London, a two-legged pit bull puppy, has inspired people to help other dogs in need. He showed up July 30 at the Humane Society of Del Norte in Crescent City, Calif., with fractures that had shattered the joints in his front legs. Panda Paws Rescue of Vancouver took him in and sent him to the Vancouver-based Animal Care Clinic to amputate his front legs Aug. 1.

Follow London’s journey and donate to the Team London Scholarship Fund:

Team London website

Facebook page

Panda Paws raised about $5,200 online for London’s surgery, according to the organization’s founder, Amanda Giese. About $3,500 will be used to pay for London’s operation, post-surgery care and physical therapy. The rest will go to the Team London Scholarship Fund to support other dogs who need surgery or wheelchairs.

“We’re going to share the wealth and help another dog in need,” Giese said. Dr. Kristy-Ann Correa-Brock of the Animal Care Clinic in Vancouver said London’s incisions are healing well and he’s almost ready to start physical therapy.

London has been rolling around with his best friend, Lemon, a 2-pound Chihuahua, drinking out of the garden hose and destroying every toy he’s given.

“He is a wild boy. He’s keeping us on our toes for sure,” Giese said. “He is a happy-go-lucky 6-month-old puppy.”

Eddie’s Wheels for Pets of Maine is creating his front wheelchair, free of charge. London has to wait till mid-August to start using his wheelchair because his surgery stitches have to heal and be removed first.