Letter: Beware the agitating rabble-rouser



I have wondered what an Obama Doctrine would look like. So far, his “Hope and Change” looks like this:

  1. Divide America with class warfare. Pit American against American by preaching envy and jealousy of success.
  2. Pander to the Hispanic vote while shielding his attorney general’s involvement in the death or injury of, at last count, a border patrol officer, an ICE agent and more than 300 Mexican Nationals in a flawed gunrunning scheme.
  3. Fool seniors by diverting $500 billion from Medicare to the abyss of the “unaffordable” Health Care Act to punish them after the election.
  4. Scrap NASA and outsource our space program to Russia.
  5. Force a religion to violate its own ethics.
  6. Reduce our armed forces while China and Iran increase theirs.
  7. Alienate allies by cancelling missile defense for Poland and the Czech Republic. Leak classified intelligence regarding Israel.
  8. Rule by imperial decree. Ignore the separation of powers set forth in our Constitution.

In essence, President Obama said he would fundamentally transform America. He is transforming it into a banana republic dictatorship. We do not have a leader. We have a nefarious agitating rabble-rouser who would be king.

Terry G. Popravak Sr.