Salvation Army celebrates loyal staff



East Minnehaha — James Fitzgerald is a quiet guy who touches many thousands of Clark County lives every year. He’s the director of warehouse operations for the Salvation Army, which recently replaced its old Stop Hunger warehouse with a spacious new Clark County Food Bank building. And on July 24, Fitzgerald celebrated his 15th anniversary on the job. Fitzgerald is “highly regarded as a man of integrity by his peers and those he serves,” according to a statement from Salvation Army business manager Steve Rusk. Also celebrating milestones are business manager Rusk, who’s been on the job 25 years; financial administrator J.D. Chandra, 23 years; and administrative assistant Dianne Wiese, 15 years. “We are like family,” Rusk said. “The atmosphere we’ve created is one of mutual respect and heartfelt appreciation for one another.”