08-09 Fishing Report



During the first five days of August in the lower Columbia River below Bonneville Dam, officials sampled 2,090 salmon anglers, including 241 boats, with 523 steelhead, 24 adult and six jack fall chinook and no sockeye or coho caught.

Of the steelehead, 296 were kept. All of the adult chinook were kept as well as four of the jack chinook, although all were legal to be retained.

Salmon fishing remains heaviest off the Washington bank of the Columbia with more than 800 anglers counted during Saturday’s effort flight count. There were also more than 400 salmon boats observed.

Boat anglers off the mouths of Drano Lake and the White Salmon River are catching summer-run-steelhead.

Here are the angler checks from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife:

Lower Columbia — Estuary, 23 bank anglers with seven steelhead kept, three released; 19 boat anglers with 14 steelhead kept and three released.

• Cathlamet, 70 bank anglers with eight steelhead kept and one released; 38 boaters with one adult chinook kept, 7 steelhead kept and six released.

Longview, 335 bank anglers with two adult chinook kept; 39 steelhead kept and 25 released; 196 boaters with one adult chinook kept, 47 steelhead kept and 21 released.

Cowlitz, 32 boaters with one adult chinook kept, seven steelhead kept and none released.

Kalama, 281 bank anglers with five adult chinook kept; 17 steelhead kept and 22 released; 85 boaters with 10 steelhead kept and four released.

Woodland, 224 bank anglers with one adult chinook and jack chinook kept and one jack released; 13 steelhead kept and 10 released; 74 boaters with one adult chinook kept, three steelhead kept and one released.

Vancouver, 266 bank anglers with three adult chinook and two jack kept; 26 steelhead kept and 24 released; 69 boaters with five steelhead released.

Camas-Washougal, 41 bank anglers with three steelhead kept and none released; 11 boaters with three steelhead released.

Bonneville, 326 bank anglers with nine adult chinook and one jack kept; 95 steelhead kept and 99 released.