Letter: Israel’s hostility too often pardoned



Israel takes land that was the Palestinians’ land. Israel has killed and imprisoned Palestinians who have fought back for being “terrorists.”

It’s been alleged that Israel has over 300 nuclear missile bombs should they wish to hurl any at Iran. Iran has zero nuclear bombs. Iranians are friendly and well-educated and mostly secular. They are not Arabs, but a vast majority of people polled here in the U.S. think they are Arabs. They are Persians. Persia is the cradle of civilization.

People think what Iran’s president says and does is somehow a threat, when Israel has a history of attacking other countries and blaming it on other countries. These are called false flag attacks. Americans are so gullible. Tell the religious majority in this country that Israelis are “God’s chosen people” and the average American will jump on the cause. Question Israel and you are deemed an “anti-Semite.” I question America as well. Does that make me anti-American? As a Gulf War veteran, I sure hope not.

Stop the insanity. Stop coddling a true terrorist state like Israel.

Allen Bennett Russell