Letter: Rigidity is problem in both parties



The Aug. 5 Columbian story “Longtime loyal Republican Boger leaves the party,” about me ending Republican Party involvement, accurately portrayed my statements. It conveyed the wrong impression, however. Even though I stepped down from involvement in the local GOP, I am voting Republican or nearly all Republican. The Republicans making it through the nomination process would do a better job in office.

Overemphasized was the sanctioning of Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt. While I disagreed with the local GOP’s action, it was only a minor factor in stepping down. I regret my statements got interpreted as a general criticism of the local party.

More important to my stepping down was my recent appointment to the Washougal City Council. My past partisan involvement and the past council’s involvement in controversial issues remotely connected to municipal affairs made it clear to me I should not be involved in Republican Party activities other than supporting individual candidates.

I also commented about my general problems with political rigidity and what I think are unrealistic positions. This got projected on the local GOP in the story. Rigidity and a lack of realism are general problems we have with our politics today — Democrats, too. The problem is not peculiar to the local GOP.

Brent Boger