Letter: Protests showcase freedoms



The uproar and backlash over anti-gay marriage comments made by Chick-fil-A’s founder symbolize the freedoms all Americans enjoy. The comments by Boston’s mayor (because he does not share the personal beliefs expressed) that such a business has no place in Boston are contrary to America’s founding and should be rejected. Ours is a capitalist country. Money does not care about your political beliefs. If you create better value for someone, it is in their best interest to give you their money, allowing you both to prosper.

Further, we are a land of choices and the freedoms to make them. If you don’t like someone’s product, service or opinion, don’t give them your money. Protest all you want. Better yet, start your own business and create value according to your beliefs for those who share them.

America has 50 states because the Founders expected states would set and operate under their own value systems, and citizens would vote with their feet if they didn’t like them. As it should, the marketplace determines success or failure, not the heavy-handedness of those in power. It’s called freedom. It’s called America.

Bruce Smith

Battle Ground