Letter: Don’t twist president’s words



Nothing in Nancy Onder’s Aug. 4 letter, “Current trends are discouraging,” justifies the opening line: “We are offended, Mr. President.” Offended by what?

If Onder is trying to blame our entire economic situation on the president, she is missing the damage Congressional obstruction has done, as well as the mess Obama inherited. If she is angry at President Obama for saying that no one built a successful business without help, she is ignoring everything around her, and misinterpreting the president’s words. All Obama said was that no one makes it totally on their own, which is an obvious truth.

Onder does not say what her business is, but does she really believe she could have succeeded without roads, delivery systems, telephone networks, newspapers, advertising agencies, the postal service, the Internet, etc.? And if she has any employees, they, too, helped her succeed. No one is questioning her determination, and Obama did not slander those who are successful; he only acknowledged that others contributed to their success.

The more people twist the president’s words, the more ridiculous they look.

Roy G. Wilson