Letter: Sowell’s column off the mark



Thomas Sowell’s Aug. 7 column, “Left skews reality to attack those who have achieved,” is absurd in its wrath and convoluted logic and discredits the Hoover Institute for selecting him as a fellow. The column offends in its emotive tabloid-quality ranting. It is silly to assert that successful “self-made people” are not also the beneficiaries of a collection of social goods such as education, support systems such as the Small Business Administration and the multiple agencies at all levels of government — federal, state, county and cities — that serve and support those who start or want to expand their business.

Infrastructure such as roads and ports that facilitate the flow of goods are the “common good” made possible by all who pay taxes.

Sure, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic and smart innovative ideas should be celebrated. But, the arrogance to assert that success is a purely personal thing disregards the web of support a successful individual has in the United States of America.

As a moderate and independent I speak for myself and my Republican and Democrat friends and colleagues when I ask that The Columbian to be more selective and choose columnists who do not have axes to grind.

Lucia Worthington