Letter: Do what’s best for country



Fear of Grover Norquist keeps many Republicans from voting for any revenue-generating measures. While our schools lay off teachers and our infrastructure crumbles, the very wealthiest Americans continue to rake in huge incomes, and the middle class suffers from their greed.

I’m on a fixed income with little to spare but I would pay more to help save our country, to help build schools my grandchildren can learn in, to provide health care for those in need. That’s why societies formed; we can’t do it alone. Humans need to bond together and help each other. That’s why we form governments; it’s why we pay taxes.

I’m calling on our Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, to vote to pass the tax cuts for the middle class and let the rich return to paying what they did under President Clinton.

Our country is too important to be held hostage by people like Norquist and his pledge. As representatives of the people, it should be illegal for members of Congress to sign a pledge to never raise taxes; they should be bound to do what is best for our country, not what Norquist thinks is best.

We’ll all be watching this vote.

Lee Leikam