Talking Points: We are a part of Oregon



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


We kinda saw this coming, but might as well point it out now.

The Pac-12 Network was launched on Wednesday and is designed to provide a national feed as well as a regional feed for the specific schools areas.

As Comcast subscribers may (or may not) be aware, Vancouver is considered part of Oregon when it comes to regional feeds. As we have found out in the past, it’s also has to do with technology, switches and doo-dads we don’t quite understand. We see it as a problem being a border town with the same cable provider as the bigger city across the river.

What this means for those who get the Pac-12 Network here in Southwest Washington is likely fewer Washington and Washington State games and more Oregon and Oregon State.

Yes there are Ducks and Beavers fans here. And yes, there are probable just as may Huskies and Cougars fans (please don’t use Vancouver has a WSU campus as logical reasoning).

Might Huskies and Cougars fans miss out on some of their games? Maybe.

Is there a solution to this problem? Hard to say since the Pac-12 Network isn’t available yet on satellite systems. So switching providers isn’t an option as of now.

All we can say is keep calling or emailing Comcast and let them know the interest level in getting the Washington regional in our area. Can’t hurt.


Yahoo Sports reported on Friday that Major League Baseball is going to test some replay systems during live games next week at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

Jeff Passan reports that “MLB will analyze a radar-based system and a camera-based system, both similar to the one used in tennis for down-the-line fair-or-foul calls.”

MLB wants to make sure the system is accurate before deciding to install it in all ballparks.

Passan closes with “… there is a groundswell of support to at least quell the perception that baseball is ignoring the available technologies.”

We just would like calls to be right.


College football polls are beginning to surface, but Danny Sheridan of USA Today is going the other way with his. He picks the bad teams.

Worst of the worst goes to Colorado. Kansas follows at No. 2 worst. He also gave Washington “dishonorable mention” to win seven or fewer games.

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