Letter: Realign route for bus rapid transit



C-Tran wants a bus rapid transit system running on the Fourth Plain corridor between Vancouver Mall Clark College. The agency is asking to raise our sales tax by 0.1 percentage point to cover this cost plus for light-rail operations.

I would say “no” to BRT running down Fourth Plain between the mall and the college, crossing 20 traffic signals and five flashing crosswalks. These buses would be able to control these signals (as would emergency vehicles) as they approach. This route will do little to help businesses along Fourth Plain with few, if any, stops, while adding additional buses on Fourth Plain, creating more congestion.

I would say “yes” to an express bus from the mall via state Highway 500 west to Interstate 5, south to Fourth Plain, east to Fort Vancouver Way, south to the college, which would encounter just seven traffic signals and one flashing crosswalk. It would also allow a stop, if requested, at the VA center. This approach will have the less impact on Fourth Plain while shortening the travel time, thus saving money.

Which do you, the taxpayers, believe is more cost-effective?

John Nyberg