Letter: Parker column criticized



Kathleen Parker’s Aug. 9 column, “Romney’s words abroad show contrast with Obama,” stating, “Obamacare forces people of faith” in health care, is a big lie, plain and simple. Insurance companies pay for the care the patient gets.

It’s the patient’s choice what care they receive. Lying about government, turning it inward against its own people is a disgrace.

Remember Ronald Reagan’s comment that government is the problem? Actually our government does much for us, including its detractors. Health care is a major example and only government could do it equally, fairly, without the giant costs of the for-profit system we have now.

Parker and her Stone Age religious lies belong exactly there, in the Stone Age. Religious dogma is not health care. Currently, “profit” chooses who gets health care, not religion, not the patient.

Obamacare promotes a society in which all get the care they choose. Mitt Romney’s entire life is the story of self-centered profit-making without concern for anyone else (see Bain Capital). If Parker doesn’t want health care, she can go without it, but the rest of us need it.

Bill Kelley