Talking Points: Astros scout ... Roger Clemens?




When Talking Points heard that Roger Clemens was going to play for Sugar Land, we thought that meant he was going to make the Country music duo into a trio.

No, it turns out it's sillier than that.

Clemens, 50, will pitch Saturday for the Sugar Land (Texas) Skeeters of the independent Atlantic League.

Houston Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said he wasn't sure whether Clemens was trying to make it back to the big leagues or just wanted to keep doing something he was very good at for a long time.

But Luhnow sent a scout to look at Clemens anyway ... because the Astros are THAT desperate.

Clemens' agent said the right-hander has been clocked at 87 mph. Of course that clocking could have been made by the Texas highway patrol.


A professional tennis referee from Los Angeles who for years has officiated matches between the game's top players was arrested Tuesday in New York City on a felony warrant charging her with killing her elderly husband in April.

Lois Ann Goodman, 70, was charged with murdering her 80-year-old husband, Alan Goodman, in their home in Woodland Hills, Calif. Prosecutors allege she bludgeoned him to death with a coffee mug on April 17.

When the death was reported, Lois Goodman told police that when she arrived home and found her husband unresponsive in bed, "she surmised he had fallen down the steps, had a heart attack and managed to get back upstairs to the bed."

When prosecutors heard that, they said "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIIDDING ME!!!!!"