Letter: More gun laws are not the solution



Individuals should not own assault rifles or machine guns, and the law covers hand guns and concealed weapons, but I see no reason for the gun-grabbers to take away our Second Amendment rights to have rifles and shotguns. I have had guns in my home for over 80 years and never once did one of them threaten me.

However, I had a family member who was mentally ill (paranoid schizophrenic) for 35 of those years and I was certainly threatened by her several times.

When her case worker warned me to never be alone with her, I didn’t think much about it, but when her psychiatrist called with the same message, I took him seriously.

I understand that James Holmes, the alleged shooter in the Aurora, Colo., theater, had seen a psychiatrist but due to the patient confidentiality law, she couldn’t give a warning except to a specific individual, as in my case. Our laws wouldn’t let that doctor warn anyone or maybe even restrain Holmes to prevent this horrible carnage.

Perhaps we should take a very close look at our laws regarding how we handle and treat our mentally ill instead of restricting guns for law-abiding citizens.

Betty Wheeler