Letter: Earth can be saved, if we care



Where are those people who want to keep the earth clean enough and spacious enough to provide food and room for humankind? They should read two Aug. 19 stories in The Columbian. Both show our Earth struggling toward improving itself. Neither was noticed as such, but only as sad events. The first (“Camel’s sale is proof of desperation,” Page A-7) is a tear-jerker about a Nigerian man having to sell his last camel. His children are hungry. He has 10 children and eight grandchildren.

The second story, on Page A-8, “Quality of Israeli sperm plummeting mysteriously.” The director of a sperm bank says that declining quality of sperm is worldwide .

Nobody wants to have children dying of starvation or to grieve over having no children. These tragic events could be prevented by less human reproduction. If there is still time for the Earth to grow enough food for a reduced number of human beings to survive, we’ll have to study the science of agriculture, apply it, and cooperate with one another.

Can the Earth be saved from human destruction in time for human beings to save themselves? Yes, but everyone will have to work at it.

–Mollie S. Smart, Ridgefield