Letter: CRC full of flaws



What’s wrong with the Columbia River Crossing planners? They’ve spent millions of dollars planning a new bridge. Now, those plans are down the drain.

Why haven’t we had an opportunity to vote on the light rail issue?

Are they afraid it will be voted down again?

Why does the proposed light rail line have to come into downtown Vancouver? It seems that it would be better coming across the Interstate 205 bridge. It is my understanding that the I-205 bridge was designed to handle light rail. Then, they could run light rail along state Highway 14.

Running the light rail project from that direction would also cut down on the traffic coming into downtown, which already seems overcrowded.

Then, later they could expand light rail north on Interstate 205, where there is a lot more space for stations and parking.

No wonder people get so disgusted with government projects and politicians. It doesn’t seem to bother them when they waste millions of dollars on plans that won’t work. They are supposed to know what they are doing.

Are we hiring the wrong people to handle these projects? Maybe we need to do a better job of selecting the planners.

Richard Davis