Letter: Laird wrong about Boy Scouts



In his Aug. 5 op-ed, John Laird criticizes the Boy Scouts of America for disallowing open homosexuals. The former Star Scout concludes “the BSA has no problem requiring gays to lie about their sexuality” because Scout Law doesn’t mention the need to be truthful.

It does, however, incorporate being truthful into the concept of being trustworthy: a “Scout tells the truth and is honest. … Your honesty is a sign of your character.”

Does Laird advocate the BSA also be truthful that the sexual desire gays have toward the same gender contradicts their anatomy which nature made for opposite-gender sexual coupling? Or male homosexuals’ major sexual act is a chief cause of HIV/AIDS and greatly elevates the risk of contracting diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis A and B, Kaposi sarcoma, etc.?

Laird ignores these truths thereby violating the very Scout Law to which he appeals.

Instead of trying to destroy the BSA, their critics should start their own scouting organization, and parents can decide where their boys join. They don’t start their own group because they know that the gay scouts wouldn’t attract the same level of support.

Larry Rambousek