Letter: New Medicaid patients welcomed



Even with the concerns identified in the Aug. 19 story “Expanding Medicaid,” we at Sea Mar Community Health Centers believe that moving forward on the Medicaid expansion is the clear choice for our state and Clark County. Not only will it cover thousands of our friends and neighbors who have been forced to go without health coverage for too long, it also makes financial sense.

As the story mentions, insuring people will allow them to seek care with a primary care provider. This is much more cost effective (not to mention healthier) than people turning to emergency rooms for non-emergency needs or when treatable conditions become worse. Expanding Medicaid is projected to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in uncompensated care savings for these ER visits.

In addition, the cost for our current Basic Health and Disability Lifeline populations will shift to the federal government, as they will be considered newly eligible for Medicaid. This significant state savings will offset the cost of the expansion.

We look forward to and are ready to welcome those newly enrolled in Medicaid at our clinics.

Carrie Vanzant