Letter: Many reasons to attend fair



Drop in fair attendance was due to the switch from Pepsi to Coca Cola, some complained? I couldn’t disagree more. Fair attendance is affected by weather. The temperature goes up or it rains and the numbers go down.

The fair needs sponsorships to operate; in return, its profits go right back to the county and support the community.

For whatever reason, Corwin Beverage is no longer providing the fair for either the sponsorship amount or services that the fair required. Boycotting the fair because of this switch is childish. Not only are you choosing not to support the fair itself but also every local merchant and food concessionaire (many of whom rely on the fair for a big percentage of their annual income), and every 4-H or FFA member who works all year to prepare and show their animals or exhibits, and every nonprofit organization.

So, you don’t support the switch to Coke? Fine. No one forces you to buy a Coke when you get to the fair. But for goodness sake, go to the fair. In the end, that supports us all.

Carly Hendrickson

La Center