Letter: Approval of Ref. 74 extends rights



The Aug. 22 front page Columbian story, “Backers of gay marriage on watch,” predicted a more visible campaign for Referendum 74.

Opponents of the right to marry for same-sex couples have historically, and almost certainly will, promote fear-mongering and false claims.

Approval of Referendum 74 will allow thousands of committed gay and lesbian couples in the state, many of whom are already in decades-long, loving relationships, the freedom to get married. It will not change the definition of marriage. The essence of marriage will be the same: two people who want to affirm their love and commitment to each other.

When we allowed African-Americans and women the right to vote, we didn’t consider it changing the definition of voting. Instead, we extended access to voting rights for all citizens.

Similarly, please vote on Nov. 6 to approve Referendum 74 to extend the freedom to marry for same sex couples. It is the fair and right thing to do.

Reuben Chong