Letter: Look at character behind candidate



I find it interesting in these troubled economic times how divisive our political election process has become.

Although we all have our own beliefs, efforts to solve problems (unemployment, economy, etc.) that are harmful to all would see more successes by working in concert with each other rather than against. Couple political division with national political agendas that have little relevance in the local arena, and we begin to see the harm coming to our communities.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “I am no believer in the amalgamation of parties, nor do I consider it as either desirable or useful for the public.”

When voting, we need to analyze candidates who are willing to look at what is good for all of the people, not just for their parties or a select group of elites.

These factions are usually controlled by people who think the electorate is for sale. Look for candidates who are truly trying to help society.

We have too many local politicians running for office with the support of their political party but not the people of Clark County. These corrupt parties (both of them) have only caused us, the people, to not communicate in a productive manner. Drop party rhetoric and look at the candidates before you look at the letter behind their names.

Karl Johnson

Battle Ground