Talking Points: Suns guarantee




What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


Trail Blazer fans get a free chalupa when the team reaches the 100-point mark in home games. Now, the Phoenix Suns have taken the unusual steps to guarantee more happiness.

The team recently announced its “Good Times Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back” promotion, which promises that if anyone who purchases a ticket for the Dec. 6 home game against the Mavericks and leaves unfilled, the fan will get a refund.

“We feel so confident in our product,” Suns president Jason Rowley said in a statement on the team’s web site, “that we are willing to offer money back to those fans who leave our arena unsatisfied after experiencing the excitement of Suns basketball.”


Derek Jeter knows the unrelenting spotlight of New York. And that spotlight has followed him to South Beach.

On Friday, the New York Post published photos of the 38-year-old Jeter strolling in Miami. He’s in a walking boot and a blue T-shirt that appears to rest loosely over an expanding gut. Never one to miss out on a trashy moment, the Post splashed this large photo across its back cover with the headline: DEREK EATER.

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