Letter: ‘Makers’ are ‘Takers’, too



“Makers/We Built It” folks, be thankful for what you take in the form of deductions, business write-offs, loopholes, subsidies and corporate welfare because it is more than what “Takers” take. Before you get defensive, so-called self-perceived “Makers,” you rightfully deserve to earn more. Why? Because you likely have more legal business smarts, more skills, and more energy/time applied to your career endeavors.

However, (now your defensive posturing will likely emerge), it is a mystery of sorts that you justify earning more than two to four times as much as the lowest — also hard-working — wage-earner. If the mystery is simply a matter of greed, then please explain how it is justified greed or just sufficient profits in your mind. Is it accumulated wealth/revenue made off the backs of labor? Is labor just “taking” away from your “maker” wealth?

It certainly is fascinating that 10 percent of income earners in the U.S. own 75 percent (and increasing) of the wealth in this country and yet outrage is directed at the so-called “Takers.”

Oh, you are concerned about abusive/unqualified/slacker “Takers” known personally to you? Well, quite simply, either confront the person or report it. As the motto says, “If it is to be, it’s up to me” (and all citizens).

Jim Postma