Letter: Uncharacteristic bias disappoints



I love The Columbian and thought it was relatively free of bias. However, if the poll on its home page says anything for the rest of the newspaper, I was seriously wrong. The poll, which discusses Commissioner-elect David Madore, asks viewers if they believe he will “succeed in changing the way county government does business.”

One option is “Yes. I suspect the entrenched establishment has never seen someone with the talent, brains and will that Madore has.” Nothing too biased here. However, the option for the “no” choice says, “Despite Madore’s talent, brains and will, the establishment forces are too great. It’s likely to be business as usual.” Is there any way to defend that as anything other than completely biased? I have never seen a more biased poll option on as credible a paper as The Columbian.

And that’s not all — check out option three: “Maybe. You’ll see some changes but with big government and big unions working together, real change will be muted.” Really? He hasn’t even started yet, and you’re already making excuses for his potential failures, blaming the already completely ridiculous notions of “big government” and “big unions.”

My friends, Democrats and Republicans alike, agree that this poll is both comically biased and uncharacteristic of The Columbian.

Casey Decker