Letter: Chartering new opportunities



Headlines of recent stories: Charter school control dinged; Onward with charter schools; Washington becomes 42nd state to allow public charter schools; Charter school appeals contract revocation; Up next for charter schools: plans, panels and lawyers; Charter schools’ performance eyed.

For years, many Americans have had but one choice of schools: government schools. That is, unless you can afford private schools. The government dictates what you can and can’t teach your kids. What our children are taught should be a parental decision.

The U.S. Department of Education makes many decisions about how our tax money for education is spent. They hire hordes of people to handle the hundreds of millions of dollars of charter school funding. They spend most of it on their bureaucracy; then there are the state bureaucracies doing the same. Obviously, little is left for the schools.

Charter schools are said to be autonomous public schools, and are to be completely local. The money would be given directly to the charter school with local authorities supervising.

Bureaucracies would not be dictating control, and most of the funding would actually get to the classroom. What a tremendous cut in spending this would be for our nation.

Alta Lunsford