Letter: Definition of ‘takers’ is flawed



A letter to the editor should be measured and well-reasoned. However, Ken Kraemer’s Nov. 27 letter, “Democrats win with promises,” has raised my ire. Referring to Mitt Romney’s defeat, Kraemer wrote, “The ‘Takers’ outvoted the ‘Producers’.”

According to Kraemer, a single mother working three part-time jobs to hold her family together is a “Taker.” A 70-year-old retiree who works at Walmart to supplement his Social Security because his pension disappeared when the company he worked for declared bankruptcy is a “Taker.” The Iraqi veteran who lost his legs in an IED explosion is a “Taker.”

But I say these are not “Takers.” These are American citizens who haven given and given until they have nothing left to give.

Barbara Sizemore