Letter: Moochers drag down the rest of us



The United States was once the most free and most prosperous nation in all human history because we were a self-reliant, honest, hard-working people who strictly abided by our Constitution because it kept us free, and honored our capitalist economy because — morally and in practice — it was by far the very best possible system for creating prosperity. We were a great nation the world envied, admired and sought to emulate.

Today we have become a nation with an increasing percentage of moochers electing looters to plunder a decreasing number of producers — and thereby forcing this once-great nation into an irreversible decline, followed inevitably by some form of totalitarian tyranny.

People get the sort of government they deserve.

Some of us, however, deserve better than that, but, unfortunately, we, too, get dragged down along with moochers as they get the “change” they so thoroughly deserve.

Robert Wassman