Letter: Remember the needs of veterans



The recent political season was hotly contested. Many Americans positioned themselves with their political party; the vast majority being Democrat or Republican.

Social media such as Facebook and Tweeter allowed people from all parties to discuss their social issues. They demanded the potential president/governor to face their issues head-on and one issue that was often the topic was the economy.

However, I want to bring to the forefront an issue that is not being discussed nearly enough in any arena: our veterans returning to civilian life from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A statistic recently posted by Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America states that since 9/11, more than 3,000 soldiers have committed suicide — almost as many soldiers as were killed by IEDs in these wars. This is a social problem that affects not only service members and their families, but also the communities they return to.

In this era of fiscal conservatism, funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs and the services that it provides is often targeted for cuts.

In this season of giving, please remember veterans and their families, and encourage your local representatives to support the Veterans Affairs.

Joyce Murphy

La Center