Letter: Treatment favors police officers




Regarding the Nov. 30 Columbian story about the “Vancouver police officer arrested” (finally), I find the behavior of the Washougal Police Department officials to be very troubling.

How could they allow him to not only disregard their directions but also allow his wife to drive him the rest of the way home? Had that been you or me or anyone else and not a cop, we would have met a much higher degree of law enforcement authority.

Why does simply having a badge allow one to skirt the law? Where does the allowable behavior end that would warrant the Washougal police actually doing their job? Causing an accident? Crashing a patrol car while drunk?

I think, in this case, the detective would have had a hard time walking the thin blue line, and he got away with driving under the influence. In my opinion, the officer that initially pulled him over should be suspended, at least, for not following protocol for that kind of traffic stop.

It’s no wonder more and more people are distrusting of police officers.

Harold A. Lay