Troopers to emphasize DUI patrols on Friday



Additional Washington State Patrol troopers will patrol state highways Friday night, concentrated on catching impaired drivers during the agency’s annual Night of 1,000 Stars. The event is part of its winter DUI emphasis, which lasts till Jan 1. Electronic signs on freeways have alerted drivers about the seasonal emphasis.

In the spirit of the State Patrol’s new slogan “Drive sober or get pulled over,” State Patrol spokesman Trooper Will Finn emphasizes that just because a driver doesn’t measure a .08 blood alcohol content, doesn’t mean they’re not impaired. A driver can still get pulled over and still get arrested. The State Patrol dropped their old slogan, “Drive hammered, get nailed,” midway through 2012 because it was confusing for some drivers.

Troopers are taught to pull people over who drift over the traffic lane lines two or more times.

“If you’re driving with alcohol in your system, then you need to be aware of the rules and make alternative arrangements this holiday season,” Finn said. He advises drivers to take a taxi or get a friend to drive them home if they’ve been drinking.