Letter: Gratitude for a giving community



As Battle Ground area captain, I would like to thank all the wonderful, loyal volunteers who help in collecting food for Walk & Knock. Our Dec. 1 drive day was outstanding, with more than 400 volunteers in the Battle Ground area alone.

A huge thank you to the Battle Ground ROTC students who unload, box up, and loaded the trailer with more than 900 boxes of food brought in by the walkers this year. This is a monumental undertaking, and our area would not be able to function as well without them.

Thank you to all the organizations, groups and all the single volunteers — couples, families and students — who make this event possible.

Once again, we have joined together to help those who are less fortunate. We have helped fill the shelves of the local food banks.

I look forward to working with these volunteers again next year. Their time and efforts are truly appreciated.

And thank you to all the great citizens of Battle Ground whose donations make Walk & Knock such a success.

Liz Elfring