Letter: Stand up for your freedoms




Last year, my daughter attended one of our Vancouver public middle schools and was disturbed that the flag salute was not recited every day, and a good portion of her friends didn’t see the need to make time for it.

Even as young kids in elementary school, we were taught to have respect for the freedoms we are blessed with in this country and the men and women who help protect it. She expressed concern and was compelled to write a letter to her principal. Thankfully, her principal and staff were very receptive of her concern and now her school makes time every morning for the flag salute.

I am proud of my daughter for recognizing this lack of respect and wanting to make a change. Young adults can stand for what they believe is right and take part in making a change for the good.

Furthermore, I am proud of her principal and her school for taking notice and helping make the change as well.

May we never become too busy or feel it simply isn’t important enough to recognize and fight for why we are able to live in this great country.

Kristi Ellinger