Letter: Independent voice is valued



I want to congratulate Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, for not running negative advertising during the recent campaign. It was very refreshing compared with the ads for many others running for office. I would hope that if she were running against stiffer competition she would hold to the same ethics.

She has promised her constituents that she will work with both parties to get something done in Congress. This is the most important promise she can make, and we must hold her to her word. I hope she will be independent and not march lock-step with her party. It would be refreshing to have a representative in Congress who pursues what is good for the American people, and not necessarily the doctrine of a political party.

The last Congress had an 18 percent approval rating and acted like children in a food fight in a middle school cafeteria. This needs to be fixed or the voters need to make a huge change the next time around.

Lynn Brown