Letter: Unimpressed by change in law



Isn’t it wonderful? There will be a huge influx of people coming to Washington state just to get married. Same-sex couples. To be technically and scientifically correct, homosexual people. By expending copious amounts of money and enlisting the voters of the “liberal, anything goes, electorate west of the Cascade Mountains, and blessed by the then reigning governor, Washington state is saying, “come on up here and do it.”

But, I ask you, “What have you really accomplished?” Legality? Yep, You did that. Social acceptance? I’m not so sure. And that is what, I believe, this is all about, despite the spin put to the contrary. These people want other people to accept them as normal? Ain’t gonna happen.

The newspapers can publish cutesy stories and pictures of the happy preening couples, and the rest of us just yawn and go to the sports or comics. As for me, I don’t really care.

Richard Brumfield