Letter: Accolades earned by C-W Port



The Columbian’s Nov. 30 story “Port receives award for outstanding achievement” announced that the Port of Camas-Washougal has been named 2012 Port of the Year by the Washington State Public Ports Association. This award, being selected from among 76 ports in the state, recognizes not just the port’s many positive accomplishments, but the remarkable turnaround that has occurred under the leadership of the current commissioners.

The port’s previous commission had made decisions that put it at odds with its constituents. Its efforts seemed to benefit no one except attorneys, and the voters knew it was time for a change.

The current slate of commissioners has only been in place for three years, but in this short time our port has become a model of local government. Congratulations are definitely in order for Executive Director Dave Ripp and his excellent staff, as well as Commissioners Bill Macrae-Smith, Mark Lampton and Bill Ward. The local and statewide recognition they are receiving is very well deserved.

Richard Hamby