Letter: Task is getting more paying taxes



America went over the fiscal cliff years ago — $16 trillion debt and $60 trillion in unfunded liabilities and adding to both every day. The fallacious reasoning as presented by the press that the Senate, House and presidency can solve our fiscal mess is crazy.

I am still against tax increases, but even more opposed to increased government spending. The president and Senate want to increase spending, and taxing the rich won’t get close to covering it. To get new income, we need more taxpayers and the way to get there is to crash land off the cliff.

Sequestration would get rid of the tax cuts given us by the hated George W. Bush and bring back the tax rates and taxpayer participation of the beloved Bill Clinton. If more people are pulling the wagon, maybe more people will pay attention to what is in it.

With no “deal” made, the Speaker of the House should announce that nothing will move in the House of Representatives until the Senate presents a budget.

Only then can a real path forward be established for Congress and the president to take ownership and the people to judge.

This must have been a dream — it won’t happen. John Boehner, R-Ohio, will fold like a card table.

Greg Zilker

Brush Prairie